Lead Lightning Funnel Review

Hi there,  Today I want to share with you my honest review about lead lightning. I use it myself, So stick to this page cause I will be sharing with you all the details.

So, What Is Lead Lightning?
Lead Lightning Logo
Lead Lightning Logo

Lead lightning is a complete seven dollar marketing funnel built for marketers at all levels. Even if you are new to the marketing industry this funnel is easy to use and very profitable. Just marketing this funnel can enable you to earn dollars or hundreds of dollars per day.

Here is what you get for a one-time payment of $7. Like I said earlier this is a complete done for you funnel and as member of lead lightning you get the following:

1. Login Website

Every member that joins lead lightning gets access to my company admin dot com. This is where  you log in to the system and it looks like this
Lead lightning login page
                 Lead Lightning login page

As you can see in the picture this is where every member put their login details to get access to the dashboard. Lead lightning is built inside the power lead system, And the PLS has two systems and these are free lead system and lead lightning system.

And here is the best part I love about these systems, Let's take, for instance, I land on the log in page and I press login. Depending on the system I am using, The system will always inform me each time I log in to my actual system if there is a need to upgrade for high earning potential.
Lead lightning funnel login pop up page
Lead lightning login pop up page
This is a kind of page that is being displayed each you log in. It might be a bit confusing so let me explain this clearly. 

Let take for instance, You use the lead lightning and I'm one of your friends or prospect whom you gave a free lead system now each time I log in my free system the system will always inform me to upgrade to lead lightning and when I do upgrade you make $6, That's right you make $6 for every $7 buyer. 

2. Lead Lightning Members Dashboard

Here is how lead lightning dashboard looks like...
Lead lightning dashboard
Lead lightning dashboard
As you can see, from the picture we have the quick start menu where you have a getting started video showing you the tour of the funnel, and how it works.

There is also a training menu were you have access to the step by step training videos and promotion tools: These are done for you, 
  1. Banners, And you can use these banner ads to the traffic sites shown in the training to get traffic.
  2. Text Links, which you can use to advertise on any website or social media platform.
  3. Email Swipe Copy, These you can use them when you want to email your friends or prospects.
  4. Video Marketing, If you want to advertise this funnel using example youtube, There are helpful tips & tricks you can use to get your video rank high and have engagement.
  5. Safe List, These are traffic mailing sites were you can email millions of prospects about the offer you are promoting and there is a list of these sites inside.
There is more inside the training and everything is %100 percent free, Let's talk about the next menu tab called Lead. The Lead Section is where the status of your leads is shown in real-time and you can as well manage them.

The next tab menu is the account section and inside the Account section is where you can edit your personal information and check your earnings.

Why Use Lead Lightning?

You have read me saying that lead lightning is a complete done for you funnel, So you don't need to do anything else except promoting it.
Free Lead System capture page
Lead lightning / free lead system capture page

Every member is given two complete high converting capture pages proven to generate results. Here is the beauty of this funnel. When you start promoting your links( unique links that can't be edited)  and every prospect that signs up or put their email on the page then later click the button. 

Lead Lightning sends them a series of profession email presenting you as a writer which builds a relationship with your prospect and convince them to start using this system. This email series never ends up in the spam folder...

This DFY email campaign is proven to get your leads to upgrade to lead lightning and I see this all the time. 

How Do You Get Paid Earned Commission From Lead Lightning?

Inside the account money section, you have an E-wallet called paylution. Which is activated when you once upgrade to lead lightning.

So how do you get your money? Paylution has different ways to send you money such as through paypal, bank, and so on. 

Also, you get a visa prepaid card shipped to you for free, anywhere in the world. I received mine as shown in the picture below.
Lead lightning ewallet visa prepaid card
Lead lightning e-wallet paylution visa prepaid card.
I'm from Africa and I live in Zambia as you can see I was able to receive this card. Which makes it easy for you to receive earned commission without charging you for the transaction.

For just one time payment of $7 you get all this, I highly recommend you to join lead lightning it's very much profitable. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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