Power lead system mlm review

Power Lead System Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) Review.

Hi there, Hope you're having a great day?. Today I thought to share with you, my honest review about the MLM company called the power lead system. I use this platform and I know it entirely, I see many bloggers are not giving an honest review.  

So I thought I should write a truly honest review of the power lead system. Just stick to this post, If you want to know everything about PLS. 

What Do I Mean By MLM or Multi-Level Marketing?

I know some may not understand this, But it's my duty that this post is clear to everyone reading. Well the MLM or Multi-level marketing is a system of selling goods or services through a network of distributors. MLM is also known as network marketing or direct sales.
Power lead system mlm or multi-level marketing picture description
MLM or Multi-level marketing.

How Does multi-level marketing work? The MLM works through recruitment. Let's say, You're part of the power lead system and you use their products for your primary business to make money. And when we look at the power lead system it's a marketing platform all in one that offers entrepreneurs/marketer with proven tools and training.
Power Lead System Dashboard Website Dropdown menu.
Power Lead System Dashboard Website Dropdown menu.

Members of the PLS are able to:

  • Make drag and drop easy Funnels, 

  • Make google hangout pages, 

  • Get free domains  & free autoresponder with %100 delivery never marked as spam,

  • Earn money through their products or services,

  • Access the webinars,

  • Access the training. ( which covers everything about marketing and the secret traffic academy).

  • And many more...

So looking at MLM of the PLS, Like I was giving an example that you're a member and then you decided to earn money through their product or services by recruit or inviting costumers to use the power lead system for their businesses.

Let's take for instance, You invite me to the system to become a member. You who invited me, you are known as my sponsor or upline.  Then I later decide also to use this system and recruit others as well. My recruits down the level and I, are called Your downline.
Power Lead System Upline and Downline Description
Power Lead System Upline and Downline Description
The picture above describes you as my upline and I, Among the three recruits down the level are your downline.

Why Even Use The Power Lead System?

The PLS does not just give you all the tools and training, It gives you everything you need to become successful.

Power Lead System Compensation Plan

All the members of the power lead system pay $30 per month to access every amazing tools and training. You as an upline you make $20 from your recruits/referrals and %50 commission from their recruits/referrals down the level. Let's say you recruit mary, John and I to become a member. You'll be making $60 per month and then three of us recruit 10 members each, which means you'll be making $300 per month.

That's just the monthly membership, You can earn up to $1000 from each member, If you decide to purchase the packages the power lead system offers, and if your recruits purchase any you make a % 70 commission from each package.

You only need to refer 3 people to use the system and your monthly expenses are completely covered and now you'll be earning a net profit each month.

How Does The Power Lead System Pay Earned Commission?

You are paid instantly to your e-wallet (paylution account) every Wednesday. Paylution is your e-wallet and it has different ways to transfer your money. One is through the bank, Paypal, and so on. Transferring funds depend on the country you live in, Some options may not show like PayPal and other methods. 

You can as well request a Visa prepaid card from your paylution dashboard account shipped to you for free worldwide, and you can use it at any bank I live in Africa country Zambia and I received mine as shown in the picture below.
Power Lead System Paylution Visa Prepaid Card
Paylution Visa Prepaid Card
Upon card request, It takes 7 days to receive this card, If you live in the US. For those who are outside the country, it can take up to 6 weeks.

Power Lead System Training Includes The Following;

As a member of the PLS, You have full access to all the training. Which covers everything in the marketing world and includes the following;

  • Youtube Marketing - The power lead system teaches you how to rank high on youtube as well as how to get organic targeted traffic to your channel.

  • Email Marketing - The power lead system also teaches you about email marketing and the secret behind it.

  • Affiliate Marketing - The power lead system also trains you on how to become a super affiliate marketer.

  • Network Marketing - Also you'll learn about network marketing and how easy it is to become successful in this kind of marketing through their power step by step training.

  • Social Media Marketing - The Power Lead System also trains you on how to get organic traffic from social media and the secret strategy that is proven to generate results.

  • Traffic - The PLS also trains you on how to master traffic and how to get 100 or 1000 leads daily through its power traffic secret training.

There is still more inside...

7 Days Free Trial

The power lead system offers a 7 days free trial for customers to access everything it offers for free and then later they can decide to stay or leave the system.

Also the power lead system has two systems inside and these are the free lead system and lead lightning.

Success starts with that first step, You've nothing to lose. 

Sign up for free without a credit card... Join HERE!


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